about me

hey lovelies. my names macy. i'm 16 and turn one year older every april 30th. I am a junior in high school. i am loud, random, outgoing, blunt, paranoid, self-conscious, a deep over thinker. no where near perfect. only human. living life with no regrets. i am in love with the most perfect boy in the entire world. i am here to express myself, not impress. don't like that? unfollow. i'm real easy to get along with if you're nice to me. message me and let's be friends. xoxo, macy.

im in love with

my boyfriend. my family. long phone calls. kisses. long hugs. cuddling. victoria's secret. pretty teeth. long eyelashes. kendall & kylie jenner. pretty little liars. vampire diaries. make-up. money$. starbucks. leopard print. California. my iphone. halloween. scarves. hair extensions. laughing. sleeping late. the beach. sound of rain. car rides. scary movies. target. wetseal. weekends. bikinis. & all things pink/girly.

enjoy the music


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This happens way too often

This happens way too often

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